You work hard for your success, and we can help you reach your goals. At Paper Express, we have a 30-year history of partnering with our clients to accomplish precisely that. It’s not just paper we offer. We supply a broad range of packaging materials and solutions, toner and ink cartridges, plain and printed envelopes, and all descriptions’ labels. We’ve got your label requirements covered from static cling and crack & peel to RFID inventory tags. With our paper mill base, and our extensive network of manufacturers, we supply custom forms tailored to meet your client’s specific needs. Of course, we have a variety of copy paper, inkjet, and digital products as well. We feature local delivery daily with our fleet of trucks, but are well prepared to ship anywhere and regularly.

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Product Offerings

We offer an extensive line of products will Mill-Direct cost advantages. One more reason the PEX makes you more competitive. Here’s some of the many products that PEX offers:

Exceptional Customer Service is
Where PEX goes above and beyond

When we say we’re MAKING YOU MORE COMPETIVE, our record speaks for itself. From the time we supplied paper to keep the presses going on a holiday weekend – when no one else could – to when we sourced toner in the middle of a blizzard so that a customer could make their presentation, Paper Express was there. We partner with our customers to make sure they can meet their business needs. Even in the most difficult circumstances, our customers can always count on our exceptional customer service.


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